From 1978 to 1984, it was recorded in the archives of this Organization, that exploratory visits and communications were exchanged, among the existing social groups of Filipino Masons in America and Canada. The founder and most imminent leader of the Philippine Masonic Association of America, New York Chapter, together with Brothers Ricardo G. Talusan and Augusto Forbes; diligently searched and designated representatives in the States of California and Illinois. The Hiram Club of Tidewater Virginia hosted a meeting which was attended by the delegates from Washington, DC Metro Area and Charleston, South Carolina and a representative from Quebec, Canada in 1983. In 1984, the Travelers from South Carolina sent an envoy to Jacksonville, Florida.

In 1984, delegates from New York, Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC and South Carolina headed by Brothers Ricardo Talusan, Joe Caymol, Rogelio Balut and Adolfo Banguilan entered into an agreement to unite and organize at a national level. Bro Ricardo O. Talusan was elected President; Bro Arthur de Guzman as Ist Vice President and Bro Rogelio Balut as 2nd Vice President; Bro Crisanto Jorda as Secretary, Bro Reynaldo Ibanez - Treasurer, Bro Conrado Bersamina - Public Relation Officer, Bro Adolfo Banguilan - Auditor. The Trustees were RW Manuel O. Obligacion, Bro Joe Caymol and Bro Magdaleno Morga, RW Manuel O. Obligacion was the National Adviser.

The following year, the First Annual National Convention was held in New York from August 31 to September 2, 1985. It was during this convention that the spark of a dream, patiently nurtured with sincere caring for a "Kababayan", flickered into a flame which spread the warmth of "Love" to the Brethren in Chicago, Florida and Texas.

The PMAAI is not a Lodge. It is a social organization. However, it relies on the invaluable teachings of the Lodge in conducting its business.

As Brothers and Sisters, we endeavor to promote charity; to encourage and assist members to actively take part in the works and activities of their respective Lodges; preserve Filipino ideals, traditions, customs and cultures that exemplify Masonic principles; establish an open communication among Filipino masons in the United States to promote a sense of national direction; and to maintain liaison with the Grand Lodge of the Philippines.

We humbly extend generous and timely relief to the victims of natural disasters at home and abroad. in 1994 Manila Convention we donated medical equipment and supplies to The Children's Hospital. Used clothing, shoes and toys were also distributed in some areas in Metro Manila.
We are committed to provide an annual scholarship program in our respective communities and in the Philippines.
We believe that charity can be in a form of kind words that helps soothe those who are in sadness and noble deeds that comforts those who are less fortunate.

We communicate to promote and protect each others welfare.

We aim to be good members and respected citizens of our community.

We patiently endure the dictates of changes to preserve the moral values that keeps our families strong and our environment free of pollution.
Due to the exemplary display of unity by the delegates during the 8th Annual National Convention in Houston in 1992, MWGM Jerome Paul Vogel, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Texas, led the charge to establish Solidarity Lodge No. 1457, majority of the members of which are Filipino Brothers. This is the second of its kind, the first being Jose Rizal Lodge No. 1172 which was duly constituted in New York in 1984.

As we continue to strengthen the love that binds us together, we confidently see a promising future that will provide us the courage and vigor to promote Brotherly Love and Charity at a global scale, beyond the year 2000.

The Philippine Masonic Association of America, Inc. (PMAAI) is composed of independently organized chapters from different States of the USA. The oldest chapter is the Association of the Filipino Freemasons of Illinois (AFFI), founded in 1972. The Philippine Masonic Association of America, New York Chapter and the Hiram Club of Tidewater Virginia were founded in 1978. The Washington DC and Charleston SC chapters were founded in 1979 and 1980, consecutively. The Philippine American Masons of Texas, Inc. (PAMAT) was founded in 1984. The Filipino Travelers of Florida, Valley of Jacksonville was founded in 1987. The Filipino Travelers of Northwest Florida, Valley of Pensacola was founded in 1989. The Philippine Masonic Association of New Jersey, Inc was founded in November 1995 and became PMAAI's New Jersey Chapter the same year. The following Chapter members are active as of April 2011, viz: